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Professional pet sitter covering Cambridgeshire

Trusty Pet Sitter – Your pet’s best friend

Prices start at just £30 per day!

Hello, I’m Elton, your local Trusty Pet Sitter in Cambridgeshire. I specialise in providing professional pet-sitting services for pet owners who want the best care for their furry friends. If you’re a pet owner looking for a safe and stress-free alternative to kennels in Cambridgeshire, you’ve come to the right place.

Why Choose a Professional Cambridgeshire Pet Sitter?

A professional pet sitter provides personalised care

In a kennel, your pet may be one of many, leading to stress and anxiety. In contrast, with my professional pet-sitting services, your pet will receive individualised care and attention from a dedicated pet sitter in Cambridgeshire. Your pet’s specific needs will be met, and they’ll receive one-on-one playtime, cuddles, and love.

A professional pet sitter provides a familiar environment

Pets are creatures of habit, and changing their environment can be stressful. When you choose a professional pet sitter in Cambridgeshire, your pet can remain in its familiar surroundings.

A professional pet sitter can provide customised schedules

With my pet-sitting services, you are assured that your pet’s routine will be consistent with its usual one. You won’t need to adhere to a kennel’s schedule, which may not always be convenient for you.

A professional pet sitter provides safety and security

Kennels can expose your pet to a variety of illnesses and parasites, which can be harmful to their health. With my professional pet-sitting services, you can be confident that your pet is safe and secure in its familiar surroundings. Additionally, we take measures to ensure the safety of your home while you’re away.

A professional pet sitter provides peace of mind

Choosing a professional pet sitter in Cambridgeshire means you can leave your furry friend in the care of a trained and experienced pet care professional. You can relax knowing that your pet is receiving the best possible care, and you’ll receive updates and photos to keep you informed of their well-being.

Why Choose Trusty Pet Sitter Cambridgeshire?

Elton Cilliers - Owner of Trusty Pet Sitter covering Cambridgeshire

From my earliest memories, pets have been an integral part of my life. My extensive experience spans a diverse range of pets – from dogs of all breeds and sizes to cats, rodents, reptiles, birds, fish, and even turtles.

As your Norfolk Pet Sitter, I bring not just a lifelong passion for animals, but a professional commitment to excellence. I understand the trust you place in me when you hand over the care of your beloved pet, and I don’t take that lightly.

As a business owner, I’ve built my reputation on providing top-tier service that my clients are delighted to recommend. When you choose me as your Norfolk Pet Sitter, you’re choosing a dedicated, reliable professional who will care for your pet as if they were my own.

I am diligent, honest, trustworthy and respectful at all times

What others say about me as a pet sitter

My fees

Please note I only consider sits of 7 days or more

I charge £30 per day (7 am – 10 pm) off-peak and £50 in peak season. See below for peak periods.

This includes one pet.

Additional pets are charged between £5 – £10 each depending on size and requirements.

Where there are multiple livestock, for example, sheep, cattle etc the flock will typically be considered as 1 additional animal dependent on the care required.

Peak periods:
20th Dec – 5th January
25th March – 14th April
1st July – 15th Sep
15th October – 31st Oct

What’s included in my fees

When you invest in Trusty Pet Sitter Cambridgeshire, you’re not just paying a fee, you’re ensuring top-tier care for your cherished pet. My service is about quality time, love, and attention, mirroring the affection they receive from you.

I recognise that every pet is unique, with distinct dietary needs and routines. That’s why I customise my service to meet these specific needs, feeding your pet according to their regular diet and schedule.

But my service extends beyond just feeding! I include up to 60 minutes of walking time, tailored to your pet’s preference and energy levels. Whether they prefer a long exploration or two shorter jaunts, I’ve got it covered.

If your pet needs medication, you can trust me to administer it according to the prescribed schedule. Your pet’s health and well-being are my utmost priority.

In short, our daily rate is a comprehensive package designed to provide a seamless, stress-free experience that mirrors your pet’s regular routine.

Choose Trusty Pet Sitter Cambridgeshire for a service that truly goes the extra mile.

Important note

As I undertake my long-term photography project, I am travelling around the UK in a Hymer motorhome.

I will therefore only be able to consider pet sitting at properties with sufficient space to allow me to park off-road for my insurance requirements. My van measures 6 metres long (7.5m when I arrive as I will be towing my motorcycle), 2.3 metres wide and 2.8m high. Please ensure your driveway is accessible for a vehicle of this size because should I arrive at your property and not be able to park the van on your property then I will unfortunately have to abandon the sit. The area needs to be fairly flat due to the fridge in my van.

In addition, I will need to hook my motorhome up to an electrical socket.

Cambridgeshire Pet sitter with a golden labrador

How do I book?

Use the contact form below to get in touch with your required dates and I’ll get back to you ASAP with my availability.

Cambridgeshire Pet sitter with a YorkiePoo

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Pet Sitter Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions about my pet-sitting service

During my career, due to the nature of the clients and companies I worked for and with, I underwent comprehensive DBS tests. However, it is important to point out that a DBS check is only valid for the day on which it is issued. So I do not consistently get a DBS check done, however, if my clients should require one and are willing to pay the cost for it I am very happy for one to be done for their peace of mind.

Yes. My services are very popular and unfortunately, I’ve had a few last-minute cancellations recently which means that I now take a deposit to secure your dates in my calendar. I take a 50% deposit with the balance payable on the day of my arrival (or before) for the sit. My services will not commence until payment has been made in full. 50% of the deposit is refundable if you cancel at least 31 days prior to the sit commencement. 25% of the deposit will be returned if 15-30 days’ notice is provided. No refund is payable where less than 14 days notice is provided.

To keep my daily rate as low as possible for my customers, I do charge for travel expenses where you are more than 20 miles from my location immediately prior to your sit. You only pay travel one way (from the previous location to you) at the standard rate of 45p per mile. This cost will be confirmed in your quotation.

As a rule no. Because I am travelling around the UK it is not feasible for me to drive long distances from one sit to another for a night or two sit. I will consider shorter-term sits if in the area I am in or due to be in so it’s worth contacting me to check.

Yes. I have 3rd party liability insurance which covers you should there be any accidental damage to your home or one of your pets were to cause damage or injury to another pet or person.

Yes. I have a significant online presence. Besides my pet-sitting service, I also provide a variety of other services including Photography and Website services. I therefore not only have references as a pet sitter but also for my other professional services.

You can find my reviews and recommendations online here:

My FaceBook Page

Yes. I travel with a 13-year-old Staffordshire Terrier. Unfortunately due to severe arthritis and his age, he is not very active these days and spends the majority of his time asleep on his bed in our motorhome. I pop out every 3-4 hours during the day to take him for a short walk and spend an hour or so with him.

Since I spend the majority of the day with your pets, I sleep in my van overnight to spend some time with my own dog. I can therefore only accept sits where the pets have their own space to sleep at night.

No. As my dog has aged and his arthritis has gotten worse, he is unpredictable with other pets, especially if another dog jumps on him or comes running towards him. Therefore, to be on the safe side, I do not allow him to interact with the pets I sit for.

A maximum of four hours. On weather-permitting days, I do try to get out to explore the local area. Many of the places I visit do not allow entry to dogs/pets so I am not always able to take your pet/s with me. Where possible, and your pet is fit enough, I will take them with me when I explore the immediate area. On days that I do get out, your pet will not be left for more than 4 hours maximum.

I’m afraid I will not be able to consider your sit. Whilst I do work from your home for the majority of the time I am there, I do try to get out at least a couple of times during a week to go and explore the local area.

I’m afraid I do not accept sits where the pets need to sleep on the bed with me. This is primarily for risk management for all parties concerned (owner, pet and sitter) as a large number of dog bites occur in the bedroom. And whilst you may have a strong and trusting bond with your pet this bond does not initially exist between a sitter and the pet. It is a risky situation for all involved and I always aim to minimise any potential risks in my sits.

I have a few trusted pet sitters that I have gotten to know and feel confident in recommending to enquirers when I am unable to take on a sit. These trusted sitters will be called upon should I be unable to fulfil my commitment but please rest assured that it would need to be an emergency situation or events outside of my control. I will always do my best to find a replacement so that you are not put under stress to find someone.

I charge more during peak periods because I am sacrificing my own ability to spend time with friends and family during these periods when most are taking time off for local or holidays abroad. It is also my experience that I get contacted with offers of significantly more than £50 per day during these periods.

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