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Exploring Bosham and its Hidden Gems While Pet Sitting

Pet sitter diaries. Exploring the lovely village of Bosham whilst pet sitting a gorgeous labrador

In this post, I’ll discuss my first pet-sitting gig of 2023 and indeed my first pet-sitter job to the general public in over 30 years in Bosham, West Sussex.

Over Christmas 2022, I decided that I would start combining my love for animals and travel and start offering pet-sitting services to the general public.

Given that I am currently undertaking a long-term photography project travelling in a Hymer motorhome and towing a motorcycle, making my overall length 7.5m on arrival, I had some concerns that I wouldn’t secure many sits due to the property needing sufficient space for me to park my motorhome off-road.

Thankfully, to date, this has proven to be an unwarranted concern as I have secured several sits throughout 2023 already!

My first pet sitter gig for the general public

I was fortunate to secure my very first sit for the general public at a property in Bosham, West Sussex.

My charge was a 2-year old golden Labrador. As you would expect from a young Labrador, he was full of energy and could walk for days!

He and I soon bonded and enjoyed two walks together a day giving me the opportunity to explore the truly stunning village and setting of Bosham.

pet sitter diaries - a 2 year old labrador getting some sofa cuddles.

My sit at this home was for a week and in that time I found it surprising just how much of a bond I formed with my charge.

It is something that I will need to become accustomed to I suppose, it is simply the nature of pet sitting.

Pulling on the lead

I arrived at the sit a day before the owners left for their break which gave me the opportunity to join the owner on an afternoon with the Labrador.

She warned me, and it was evident during our walk that he pulled quite significantly when on a lead.

On our first walk alone together, he attempted to take ME for a walk. As a dog that puts all it’s efforts into pulling you along doesn’t make for an enjoyable walk, I decided to do some basic lead training with him so that we could have more pleasant walks together for the rest of the week.

He was a quick learner and by our 3rd walk together he was walking on the heel with only a few attempts at pulling which were quickly corrected. Our walks were far more enjoyable after this and we often walked for several miles.

Exploring Bosham, West Sussex

Bosham is a truly picturesque village located in West Sussex. The property I was sitting at was located only a few meters from Chichester Harbour and an inlet which flooded the local roads at high tide, something I’ve not personally seen before.

Bosham dates back to prehistoric times and has been inhabited by Saxons, Romans and Normans.

It is believed that King Harold visited Bosham’s Holy Trinity Church before setting sail for the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

An image showing Holy Trinity Church in Bosham against a very dramatic, cloudy sky with headstones in the foreground.
Holy Trinity Church, Bosham

The church itself dates back to the 11th century and is a Grade I listed building, known for its stunning Saxon tower.

The village also boasts charming thatched cottages and beautiful Georgian houses, all of which add to Bosham’s unique character and heritage.

Bosham is within the Chichester Harbour Area Of Natural Beauty and therefore offers many coastal paths walks where you can walk for absolute miles in either direction. There are also several cycle routes in the area for those who enjoy exploring on wheels.

As you would expect from a coastal village, the sunrises and sunsets are simply stunning!

Made an impression

I’m not one to sing my own praises as I simply was not raised that way. However, it would seem that I made a decent enough impression on the pet owners that they invited me back for a 2nd sit and even arranged their break around MY availability. This was truly a massive confidence builder and reassurance that my decision to start offering pet-sitting services was the right one.

Below are the references received from the pet owner for my two sits completed for them

Conclusion about my Bosham sit

In conclusion, I really could not have asked for a better family, home and pet for my first sit. The family were absolutely lovely, inviting me to join them for dinner on my first night with them and then taking me for a pint at the local pub.

The labrador was an absolute pleasure and I genuinely loved my time with him.

The home and Bosham is just a dream for nature and outdoor lovers who enjoy long walks.

I truly hope to be invited back to sit here again when my diaries match.

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