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References for Elton: Your trusted, professional, dedicated pet sitter

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I know all too well that leaving your pet is never something we want to do. However, as much as we love our pets, from time to time we do have to leave them so that we can undertake other activities in our life. Whether that be a holiday, a break to the family or work commitments finding a professional pet sitter will remove a lot of stress from your difficult decision to leave your pet/s.

Putting your pet/s in a kennel isn’t something most pet owners enjoy doing because it can be rather stressful on our pets. Not only are their owners not around, but they are also in an unfamiliar environment with several other animals.

From my own personal experience having had to put my dog into a kennel occasionally during my career due to work commitments, when he came home, even after just a few days in the kennel, he was completely stressed out. He was also always very tired sleeping for an entire day or two after coming home. According to the kennels he just never really settled at the kennels. This was despite the fact that he would be alone at home whilst I was working for between 8-10 hours a day. The difference was he was in his own environment and therefore felt secure.

The benefits of using a pet sitter

The biggest benefit of using a pet sitter is that your pet/s get to remain in their own surroundings and home. This definitely assists in lowering their stress levels of having to deal with both separation anxiety and an unfamiliar environment if you had to put them into kennels or other boarding.

A pet sitter will stick to your pet’s routine. This can include feeling your pets at their regular times. Taking those pets that require it for a walk at their usual times in an area that they are familiar with.

Safety and security are also provided for your pet. Being looked after in their home means they are not potentially exposed to illnesses and parasites that can occur in a kennel environment.

In addition to the safety and security of your pet/s, your home is also being inhabited and looked after. Should an unforeseen issue occur, for example, a burst pipe, the power tripping etc, the pet sitter will be in a position to notify you and take corrective actions in your absence, with your authorisation of course.

And finally, peace of mind for you. Knowing your pet/s is with a genuine animal lover who is dedicated to ensuring they are well looked after, exercised (where necessary and appropriate) and loved will allow you to focus on your holiday or work commitment safe in the knowledge that your pet is well.

My pet sitter references

Below are my pet-sitting references that I have received since starting to offer this service to the general public in January 2023. However, I have been pet sitting for almost 4 decades now, previously in South Africa and then for some 23 years in England for friends.

This blog post is constantly updated as I receive new references. I use screenshots of the references so that you can be assured I’ve not simply made them up!

Click on the images to view them in full screen.

My first public pet-sitting gig in Bosham, West Sussex

You will notice that I was invited back by Patricia for a second sit. She arranged her 2nd break around my availability and in fact wanted me to do further sits for her but unfortunately, our dates did not coincide.

See my blog post of my time in Bosham

Pet sitting for Frances in Birdham, West Sussex

Another lovely couple I sat for with 3 dogs, 2 cats and 5 hens. Again they asked me to do a 2nd sit for them.

See my blog post about my time in Birdham

Pet sitting for Melanie in Birdham, West Sussex

A lovely sit for Melanie where I was responsible for two older dogs in the stunning village of Birdham. I have a future booking to return to this lovely home.

Pet sitter diaries - review from Melanie

Read my blog post about my time in this lovely home and exploring the area

Pet sitting for Nicola in Upham, Hampshire

Another stunning location. On this sit, I was responsible for 2 dogs, a cat, 5 hens and 11 sheep with 4 pregnant ewes. Unfortunately, I missed the lambs being born

Pet sitter review from Nicola

Pet sitting for Allison in Lyndhurst, Hampshire

A lovely home in the New Forest, Hampshire. My charge for this sit was an adorable, highly energetic Collie X who I enjoyed daily long walks around the Forest with.

Pet sitting for Venan and Grace, Weeting, Norfolk

I have now done two different sits from the lovely Grave and Venan. A small bungalow on the outskirts of Thetford Forest with two lovely lady dogs. The largest greyhound I have ever seen and a whippet cross.

Pet sitting for Sue in Great Gransden

For this week-long sit, my charges were a Collie cross and a fluffy Jack Russell. Once again I was warned that the Collie wasn’t overly fond of men. But within a day of ball throwing, playing and walking, the three of us were best buddies.

Pet sitting review for Elton Cilliers the Trusted Pet Sitter from Sue in Great Gransden

Sitting for Fiona in West Acre, Norfolk

A day 10 sit for the lovely Fiona of her two dogs whom I affectionately referred to as ‘little and large’. An elderly black labrador and a very mischievous younger Pug. In addition, there were 3 chicks and 4 bantams to feed and clean up after.

West Acres was a very rural area which I absolutely loved and just around the corner was Castle Acre with the ruins of Cast Acre and Castle Acre Abbey which I visited during my stay there. A genuinely lovely sit which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Pet sitter review from Fiona in West Acre, Norfolk

Pet sitter review from Chris

During this sit I got to spend a week with an awesome Staffy X. What made this sit especially nice for me is that the dog reminded me so much of my own Staffy when he was that age. My own Staffy is now 13 years old and suffers mobility issues so is only able to do short little strolls around our location.

I had an absolutely lovely time with Buster and really enjoyed the town of Fakenham. I do hope that I will get to spend time with Buster again in the future 🤞

Pet sitter review from Chris Pulham
Pet sitter review from Chris for 2nd sit

Pet sitter review from Islay

I spent a couple of weeks in a lovely rural village in Cambridgeshire which was absolute bliss. It’s one of those small villages where everyone knows everything. I got to spend time with a very energetic young black labrador, 3 cats and 5 hens. The labrador was a little bit of a Houdini and managed to escape the large garden on 3 occasions during my sit! The homeowner has recently confirmed that the labrador has escaped a few times since my departure despite their best efforts in securing the large property.

Pet sitter review from Islay.

Pet sitting for Samantha and Nigel in Forest of Dean

A two-week sit for a cockerpoo, border terrier and an elderly long-haired cat in the beautiful Forest of Dean.

Sit for Colliepoo Meg in Farnham, Surrey

A short, 4-day sit for the very active Colliepoo Meg in a lovely rural village near Farnham

Dog sitter review from Liz

Sit for a German Shepherd in Dorchester-on-Thames

A 2 week sit for a beautiful young GSD.

Sit for 3 gorgeous Maine Coon kitties in Chipping Norton

A 2 week sit for 3 amazing Maine Coon cats in the scenic town of Chipping Norton

Pet sitting review from Andrew in Chipping Norton.

3 week sit for 2 brothers (cats)

Pet sitter review from Robert

1 week sit for 2 siblings (cats)

Pet sitting review from Sarah

2 separate sits for 2 cats near Cheshunt

1 week sit for 3 pooches

Other reviews and recommendations

In addition to my pet sitter reviews (see my Facebook Page Reviews here) I also provide other services including photography, website design, SEO consultancy and social media management services. You can find recommendations of these services that I have provided for my clients over on my LinkedIn profile and I hope they provide further reassurance that you will be engaging the services of a total professional.

You can find more information about my other service offerings on my other website The Tech Handyman UK

Ready to book me as your pet sitter?

Should you have any questions, or would like to check my availability for your pet sitter requirements, please use the form below and I will respond to you as soon as possible with confirmation of my availability and a price for your requested dates or simply an answer to your query.

I hope to meet you and your pets in the future 😊

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